What do you get when you have college athletes, students, and adults in one room, a celebration possibly, or in the case on April 10th in Chattanooga Tennessee, a movement. The X movement is what it is known as, and a movement it is. People were everywhere, young and old, all nationalities, all with one common purpose, radical praise for Jesus Christ. It was started by Roger Woods, who is the chaplain at the University of Tennessee. Roger is no stranger to God, praise or sports, and a professional at combing the three. Hailing from Lithonia, Ga., he was an athlete, coach, and spiritual advisor for many. His vision is still flourishing and his movement is keeping him close to his calling.

The event included dances, chants by the athletes, songs, and of course the word. Powerful monologues showed the real life issues so many face day in and day out. One was of a homosexual man who came to the church to fight his daily demons and because of supposed Christians turning their back on him he went back to the lifestyle he knew and felt safe in. A college athlete also told his story of gangs and drug dealing because of the void of never feeling like he had a family but once he accepted Jesus he finally had a sense of true love. Towards the end of the service many flooded the front for various reasons, mainly because of the need for more guidance in their lives. What an amazing sight to behold, hundreds of young people praising, crying, and supporting one another all in the name of regaining their generation for God. As Wood states, “God has called us to ENCOURAGE, ENRICH, and EMPOWER this generation, and lead them to be an e”X”ample in WORD, CONVERSATION, LOVE, SPIRIT, FAITH, and PURITY by bringing the masses together.

There is plenty that is said about the youth of today, especially once they transition from teens to young adults. They find their own minds and sometimes go off and embrace the wrong things. The X movement is proof that young people everywhere aren’t afraid to live for Jesus. They make praise fun and incorporate it in their daily lives and sports. They are a part of something bigger than them but something that always lives within them. They are asking people everywhere DO YOU WANT A REVOLUTION?  And plenty are chanting YES!!

 By: Tawni Fears

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  1. Charneisa Smith Says:

    My name is Charneisa Smith. I play on the womens basketball team @ Austin Peay State University. I was apart of the “X” movement last Saturday (including a few of my friends & teammates). I got saved last semester @ our U Church on our campus. After… I had a lot of questions such as “then what?” What do I do after Im saved. It was difficult… but coming to the “X” movement helped a lot. I really enjoy the fact of student athlete my age getting together to worship! It makes me excited & it helps me a lot to see people my age giving their lives to Jesus! I want more of that. Will there b other events or other things we can do to continue to get young athletes together for more than 1 day?

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