X Movement Merchandise

T-Shirt, Wristband, and Cinch Bag

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  1. Sam Woolwine Says:

    Roger Woods was the speaker for our inaugural Men’s Ministry meeting at Lookout Valley Baptist Church. We couldn’t have made a better choice. Our men, myself included, were challenged, inspired, and enlightened by his message. We are thankful for the impact he is making on the young athletes at the University of Tennessee and the coaching staffs. We saw his passion for this ministry and were persuaded he is pursuing excellence there in a spiritual sense for those to whom he ministers. Our lives were blessed by him and would recommend him to any group seeking God’s guidance for their lives. His use of the acronym for FIGHT was right on: F for faith, I for insight, G for grace, H for heart and T for the tests that give us a testimony. We pray God will continue to bless him, Jesus will continue to inspire him and the Holy Spirit will continue to teach and lead him.

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